Laminated wooden flooring

Laminate flooring these days  is experiencing a higher level of appreciation than ever and is seen as a worthy alternative to real wood floors. Laminated Flooring is generally a HDF based tongue and groove interlocking flooring system that rest on top of the existing floor. Laminate Flooring is popular due to its ease of installation & its simple maintenance, easy cleaning methods, resistance to stain & a very durable surface due to the wear resistant layer.


Laminate wood installation cost is on an average 60% less than hardwood. Since laminate wood flooring is made from pressed wood it is more durable and resists scratches, moisture and wear and tear. Laminate flooring is also easier to clean on a routine basis. Wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns and quick installation make it more acceptable in worldwide. Different classes are available for residential and commercial requirements.

We deal with Ego flooring, Monopolo flooring & Floor max

Ego is one of the premier brands in India in imported wooden floorings, office chairs, wall decors and home furniture and accessories. Headquartered in Mumbai and with more than 20 years of experience, Ego group has come a long way. Over two glorious decades of operations, the Ego Group has earned more than just a name in the Indian interior design industry. It has earned the trust of countless customers and dealers alike. Be it wooden floorings, wall décor, furniture and office seatings or even plywood and veneers, Ego group has been successfully importing leading brands from across the world. Brands that are recognized and respected by topmost Indian interior design professionals.

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