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Will wallpapers get peeled off from the wall?

The wallpaper will get peeled of from the wall if there is water content(moisture) in the wall.Do not get panicked, just inform us and we will rectify the issue in no time.

I don't want the current wallpaper, i need to change it.Is it difficult to remove and paste a new one?

It is not at all difficult to remove and apply a new wall paper. As we are using England made Bartoline adhesive in installation of wallpapers, it becomes quite easy  for our technically skilled workers  to do the same.

Can we use wallpapers meant for green projects?

There are wide varieties of wallpapers available in the market. Non-woven type wallpapers are  used in green projects.CASA D’DECOR uses wallpapers imported directly from U.S.A, which uses natural colors for our green projects.

Are wallpapers washable?

Yes. you can wipe out with a cotton piece. Shampoo wash can be done (based on the category of wallpaper).CASA D’DECOR advice its clients to always talk with our executive before attempting the same.

How much does a wallpaper costs?

CASA D’DECOR has a wide range of  the best wallpaper collections starting from Rs 2500 to Rs 18000. You can always get it in your budget with CASA D’DECOR.

What if a wallpaper get dirt on it?

We can always remove the dust and dirt from pencil easily from wallpapers. It will be a tedious task to remove the stains from normal pen, color pencils, paint etc.

Does Casa D'Decor supply below quality materials to its clients?

You can always sit back and relax on this matter, as CASA D’DECOR never supplies low quality materials to its clients. As a firm of over a decade in the industry and which has got the trust of all its smiling customers, it is the policy of the company to supply the best quality materials to its clients and no compromise is done on this regard.

How many designs of wall papers does CASA D'DECOR have?

CASA D’DECOR have over 30,000 unique, best and adorable design collection of wallpapers. We always welcome you to our  showroom to give a closer look on them and bring home your favorite wallpaper.

Does CASA D'DECOR Do solid wooden floorings?

CASA D’DECOR focus on customer satisfaction. Our climate is not suitable for solid wooden flooring.Due to our climatic conditions it will be prone to severe damages.So we do not undertake solid wooden flooring works but we prefer Laminated Wooden Flooring to our customers.As laminated wooden flooring are undergoing all treatments including UV and termite resistant coating, it can be used in all conditions. Laminated Wooden Flooring are more Eco-Friendly and no health issues at all.

How can we clean Laminated Wooden Flooring Easily?

Cleaning Laminated Wooden Flooring is so easy. It can be done with a mop using clear water. As Laminated Wooden Flooring have Aluminium oxide coating the stains of natural turmeric is also removable.

Is It possible to remove and replace the laminated wooden flooring?

Of course you can remove and replace the laminated wooden flooring.  We use Intelligent and smart  locking system in laminated wooden flooring.It is easy to shift and replace the laminated wooden flooring, also the floor from which the laminated wooden flooring is removed will be in its original state as of before.

Which type of blinds do CASA D'DECOR suggest for my Home?


CASA D’DECOR always suggest ZEBRA BLINDS, as for household use zebra blinds are the best.Zebra blinds comes with over 500 designs and all with 3 year warranty.

Are Blinds Washable?

A wide varieties of blinds are available with CASA D’DECOR. The various types of available blinds and their cleaning method are listed below:-

  • ZEBRA BLINDS               – Vacuum Only.
  • BLACK OUT ROLLER   – Washable with soap solution.
  • SOUVENIR                        – Vacuum Only.
  • ROMAN BLINDS              – Vacuum Only.
  • VENETIAN BLINDS         – N/A.
  • NORMAL ROLLER          – Vacuum Only.
What If Vinyl Floor Get Scratched?

CASA D’DECOR   uses luxury planks in vinyl flooring  in place of normal rolls.Thus it becomes quite easy to replace them.

Are Vinyl Floors Washable?

It is quite easy to clean vinyl floors. You can just mop it by your own and no need to hire a cleaning agent for the same.

Does Casa D'Decor do the installation of wallpapers?

Yes.. of course CASA D’DECOR does installation of wallpapers.Kindly note that the quote provided by CASA D’DECOR is inclusive of all the costs.

How can you choose wooden floor based on your requirement?

CASA D’DECOR always guides you to choose wooden flooring based on the traffic(no: foots expected to walk on the floor).If it is for

1.  House we suggest AC4 category.

2.  Shopping mall we suggest AC5 category.

3.  Car Showroom we suggest AC6 category.

Will CASA D'DECOR do Artificial Turf?


CASA D’DECOR  does artificial turfs.We have 35mm,40mm,45mm turf series. All of them comes with UV coating, which makes them best suitable for  both indoor and outdoor uses.

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