Wallcoverings are most convenient, durable and hassle free wall decoration product across world. Regular maintenance as per the guidelines, keeps the charm of Wallcoverings for many years. Wallcoverings are accepted for its thermal insulation across globe. Energy can be considerably saved by installing wall papers Wallcoverings resist dust, assuring cleaner surroundings and easy living. Wallcoverings are an excellent choice for spaces where hygiene is elementary. We distribute exciting collection of wall papers across India. Our collections contain Classic Contract, Contemporary and Customized shades.Wallcoverings are imported from USA, Sweden, Germany & Korea.Wallpapers are also known as wallcoverings.

Types Of Wallcoverings

1. Customized wallcoverings
  • Customer can customize a wallpaper from Shutter stock images ,With in seven days we will complete the works.
2. Non woven
  • Over the last few years, there have been some major advances in wallpaper industry. These advances have been good for the environment and the people using it.Wallpapers which are made out of synthetic fiber(same material used in tea bags) There are many types of wallpaper that are easy to install and remove without damaging the walls.
3. Woven wallcoverings
  • Woven wallcoverings : Coated with vinyl pack. these types of wall coverings are slightly washable
4. Fabric pack wallcoverings
  • Fabric wallcovering has a light, breathable design. Its porous properties allow air to pass easily through it, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Its properties allow it to be much stronger than paper, giving it a much longer lifetime. Additionally, fabric offers options that can be washed, and even scrubbed to ensure cleanliness. Because fungi and mold growth is prevented, fabric wallcovering is the more hygienic option for your home or business. In addition to being hygienic, fabric is environmentally friendly.


  • Using imported special wallpaper adhesive from England for better installation of Wall Coverings
  • We are one of the leading importer and distributor of wallcoverings in Kerala.
  • Wide range: Contract, Classic, Contemporary and Customized shades.
  • Almost 120 albums and 13000 shades of wall coverings
  • Skilled workers ensure best and time oriented installation.

Use Wallcoverings as a means to dress your wall and add a little glamour or attention your favorite place. Try featuring a bold wallcovering design on one wall as an accent. Wallcoverings instantly transform a bare wall into a point of interest in your home with ease and confidence. Use a textured wallcovering all over a room to add warmth and dimension. Whether your furnishings are modern, traditional or eclectic, surround them with the enduring quality of today’s wall covering designs.

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